Kinesio Tape

Dr. Kenso Kase developed the amazing Kinesio Tape 35 years ago. Many people have noticed some of the athletes wearing tape of various colors while competing in the Olympics, but probably didnít know what it was because it wasnít used in the traditional manner of wrapping and supporting joints. The tape was Kinesio Tape.

The tape is used in a different way than traditional taping. To look at some athletes who used Kinesio Tape, it looks like an abstract artist used the athlete for a canvas. Other athletes have smaller areas taped or a tape color that blends into their skin tones and it is barely noticed. There is a reason for the specific locations of the tape; it is not random.

The success and low cost of Kinesio Taping technique is well known enough among the insurance agencies that many carriers will reimburse the cost. The tape itself is made of the highest quality of material, which can be worn for several days. The hypoallergenic tape allows the skin to breath and is lightweight.

Kinesio Tape is used for the following:

  1. Neuromuscular system re-education
  2. Pain reduction
  3. Promote healing
  4. Performance enhancer
  5. Injury prevention
  6. Circulation improvement

Part of the appeal of Kinesio Tape is that it is a drug free and non-evasive way to accomplish all of the above.

Learning how to use Kinesio Tape can be done at seminars, home study, from practitioners and instructors, or on line examples. The tape is safest and most effective when applied by trained and educated individuals. There are different levels of trained Kinesio professional. There is leveled training to be a Kinesio Taping Practitioner and certification available.

When applying Kinesio Tape, it will depend on the purpose of the taping to know how to start to tape. For muscle relaxation the tape is applied from the end of the muscle to the beginning of the muscle. For muscle facilitation the muscle the tape is applied from the beginning of the muscle to the end of the muscle.

Kinesio Taping is becoming more widely used in sports. It has been used in football, basketball, tennis, and more. Kinesio Tape was visible on athletes from many different countries at the Olympics. The publicity on the television and from printed publications has introduced even more athletes (both non-professional and professional) to the benefits of Kinesio Taping.

The following have all given testimonials about the benefits of Kinesio taping:

Not only can Kinesio Tape be ordered in different sizes, it can be ordered in different colors. The colors can help differentiate which muscle the tape is being used for when the tape application overlaps. There are many Kinesio Tape imposters available for less money and others available for the same cost because other companies want in on the income that Kinesio tape in bringing in. An imposter will not give the results or provide the high quality product that Kinesio Tape provides.

Kinesio Tape is changing the way athletes prevent and treat injury in addition to enhancing performance. There are a growing number of trained and certified Kinesio practitioners through out the US and also internationally.

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A picture of an athlete that has had Kinesio Tape applied can give you an idea how it is used. A trained or certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner should be the one that applies the tape to assure proper use and optimal results.

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